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Green Week w/ Yves Rocher

Prima di raccontarvi della settimana passata insieme al team Yves Rocher, vorrei raccontarvi un po’ del brand, un brand che sicuramente conoscete perché mondiale, ma quando si scava o meglio quando è l’azienda stessa a raccontarsi la visione del brand cambia completamente, o almeno così è stato per me.


Let’s try Tummy tea tox

Lately I was feeling so bloated, in a certain I thought i was pregnant ahah!
So what I did? I looked for something that could help me and I found Tummy Tea Tox, all the products are natural and they are hight quality th


Casa Ultra Dolce

Hi guys! As you have seen on our socials, I’ve been invited to visit Garnier Casa Ultra Dolce (situated in Corso Garibaldi 117) to find out and try their new products. Garnier, that has been taking care of our hair for over 30 years, has expanded its sensorial experience to the body care, too.