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My FW with Iris&Lilly

Hi guys! As you’ve seen on our social pages and basically everywhere, Milan fashion week has just ended.
The Fashion Week is always a beautiful experience but it’s very hard, what you mostly see during this week are outfits and I hope you liked mine. What you couldn’t see instead was the underwear I was wearing, an essential part for me and I think for you too!
The underwear is to me the most important part, it’s what you hide under the clothes but if it’s not the right one, it can ruin everything. Have you ever wore a bra with fallen strap? And you had to fix it more and more times? such a bother!
Or a pair of panties that was obvious under a thin trousers?
Those are the worst moments that can embarrass us and make us unconfortable.
So, to me the underwear must be practical and functional, it must make us feel good with ourselves and walk tall even if we are wearing a simple black underwear. IRIS&LILLY is exactly what we need. The underwear brand by Amazon Fashion, whose main focus is the comfort and practicality without losing style and elegance, because, lets say it: it’s what we need!

During the fashion week I’ve worn a lot of looks but the most important and final decision was always the underwear.

Below three example:

1 – under a jumper I’ve chosen a bra without wire, so comfyyyy!
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2- under an over dress I’ve chosen very sweet pink underwear without structure, to stay comfy but at the same time a little bit sexy!




3-under a see-through shirt? Hide it or show it? I’ve decided to show a black lace bra, because sometime we have to dare!




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