Switched up family

I’m not and will never be a great housewife, but this has never been a big problem fortunately, because Luciano always helped me in everything, such as washing up or spread laundry out when I forgot it in the washing machine 😀
INDESIT thinks that we work all together, dividing the responsibilities, the daily activities became easier, and I’m agree with them at 100%.
I think that help each other with housework can improve the life quality itself, less stress for everyone, but first of all, it is an act of love too. That’s why INDESIT has created “Life-Proof” appliance in a way to be part of our daily routine and help us everyday. So let’s #DOITTOGETHER! We have done their test and we are really close to be a perfect “SWITCHED UP FAMILY“, who as you have understood it’s a family where everyone help with housework switching up the role everytime it needs.
What kind of family are you? Balanced, Traditional or Accepters? Discover it out making this little TEST, you could win a really amazing present!

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