Bugaboo by Diesel #1

Hi guys, how are you doing?
Now that I think about it, we never told you about our lives before Chloe, and thinking about it more clearly I think we never will!! Some things are better left in the past!
Jokes aside, obviously our lives have changed a lot, even if our style has always been the same, different because of our age gap, and you can see it in our outfits.

Chloe's looks, Family

Our rock side

Do you remember PETIT BO?
Here we are to talk about this brand!
The brand was created by Fia Reispass in 2011, with the aim of making something a little bit different for all the amazing kids outthere.

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Infinity: una visione ad hoc

Ciao a tutti, come sono andate le vacanze pasquali?
Spero vi siate rilassati un po’ 🙂
Oggi volevo raccontarvi di un’evento a cui abbiamo partecipato insieme a due nostri amici e il loro figlio durante la festa del