Mom and Dad's outfits


Good morning dears, how are u doing?
This is another post where it is only me writing! I’ll try to post one of my outfits at least once a month, even if between work, home and Chloe it’s not easy, also because if I don’t have an important appointment, my outfits are very similar to each other.

Mom and Dad's outfits

Me, Haiyan and I

Good morning! Today there’s only me and before to talk about the outfit I think it’s time to introduce to u myself. My name is Haiyan, Im a photographers, a mom, a companion and since few months a blogger too.

Chloe's looks

It’s all about cashmere

Hello dears, what did you do this weekend? It’s really starting to get cold, right??
That’s why today I show you an outfit for our little princesses suitable for these days!
Chloe wears a cashmere dress by CASHMERE B

Mom and Dad's outfits

Comfy at work

Hi guys! Let’s talk about our job…many of you already know that we are fashion photographers and video makers, and for those who haven’t seen our work they can do it now by visiting our website.