Chloe's looks, Mom and Dad's outfits

Ti racconto una favola

C’era una volta una bambina di nome Chloe. Una bambina che amava ridere e divertirsi ma ciò che amava più di ogni cosa era giocare a fare la principessa, e non perché sapesse cosa vuol dire essere una principessa ma solo perché, facendo la principessa avrebbe potuto mettersi abiti bellissimi con gonne voluminose e far finta di danzare con eleganti scarpette.

Chloe's looks, Mom and Dad's outfits

Catimini Look

Hi there! How is it going? Finally it is Friday!
But to us, it means nothing, our weekend can start on Monday or on Wednesday because usually we end up working during the weekend (the real one ahah). Yesterday morning, we went downtown with my sister to do some shopping, then we had a date at GUSELLA (who has moved in Via Della Spiga, 31) to chose a dress.

Chloe's looks

A little tourist

Hard days are coming, but between one date to another there is always time to take a break, to have lunch and be tourists in our own city because when u are in the Garibaldi-Moscova area you can’t help but stop by