Chloe's looks, Mom and Dad's outfits

Ti racconto una favola

C’era una volta una bambina di nome Chloe. Una bambina che amava ridere e divertirsi ma ciò che amava più di ogni cosa era giocare a fare la principessa, e non perché sapesse cosa vuol dire essere una principessa ma solo perché, facendo la principessa avrebbe potuto mettersi abiti bellissimi con gonne voluminose e far finta di danzare con eleganti scarpette.


10 minutes of relax

Hi there! What did you do this weekend? We stayed at our warm home after the cold we have experienced in Florence! Today I am going to show u the pics we have taken in the hotel, the second day of our stay.

Chloe's looks

Look for the mountains

Sooner or later we have to take Chloe to the mountains to breath some fresh air, to see nature in all its beauty and let her see the world from high, with her almond-shaped eyes full of enthusiasm 🙂 if I imagine myself in the mountain with Chloe, both in low and high altitude, I imagine her with a comfy and warm look, suitable for a trip ending with a hot chocolate with a lot of cream! She sur

Chloe's looks

#backtoschool with Sarabanda

Happy Wednesday! SARABANDA, one of Minicof’s brand, world leader in kids apparel until 16 years, asked us to create one look per month with their new fall/winter collection, a different mood every month, and what do yo