OVS shopping experience

Qualche settimana fa io e Chloe abbiamo avuto una bellissima shopping experience presso lo store OVS in Corso Buenos Aires, non so se ci siete mai state ma è davvero enorme! Un negozio di 3 piani, uno per ogni componente della famiglia: uomo, donna, bambino.

Mom and Dad's outfits

5preview couple

Good Morning guys!
People always say we don’t have enough pictures together Luciano and I, so here we are together, hand in hand đŸ™‚
We both wear a total look by 5Preview, accessories (sunglasses and watches) by Kapten&Son and sneakers by Moa.


Bugaboo by Diesel #1

Hi guys, how are you doing?
Now that I think about it, we never told you about our lives before Chloe, and thinking about it more clearly I think we never will!! Some things are better left in the past!
Jokes aside, obvi