Chloe's looks, Mom and Dad's outfits

Ti racconto una favola

C’era una volta una bambina di nome Chloe. Una bambina che amava ridere e divertirsi ma ciò che amava più di ogni cosa era giocare a fare la principessa, e non perché sapesse cosa vuol dire essere una principessa ma solo perché, facendo la principessa avrebbe potuto mettersi abiti bellissimi con gonne voluminose e far finta di danzare con eleganti scarpette.



Hi Guys! Today we’ll transport ourself in a magical world that I think is inside everyone since childhood… the Funfair.

It’s useless to say that when you have a family and a daughter you must adapt yourself to a different life, but most of the time it makes you remember old emotions that used to make your heart beat and sparkle your eyes when you were a child.

Chloe's looks, Family

Our rock side

Do you remember PETIT BO?
Here we are to talk about this brand!
The brand was created by Fia Reispass in 2011, with the aim of making something a little bit different for all the amazing kids outthere.


Casa Ultra Dolce

Hi guys! As you have seen on our socials, I’ve been invited to visit Garnier Casa Ultra Dolce (situated in Corso Garibaldi 117) to find out and try their new products.