Chloe's looks, Mom and Dad's outfits

Striped look

Hi guys! What a crazy weather, right? We really don’t know what we should wear, one day it seems to be spring already, and the day after is winter again and it freezes your face too! But during last week there have been some sunny days and we took the opportunity to shoot this striped look for both of us.

Chloe's looks

LET’S restart w/ Coccole bimbi

Happy 2016! At least I hope it will be! But we need to be confident and optimist (it’s what I always say to myself even if I give up very easily!). The important thing is that it started with the people we love and in health. We had some time off, we ate a lot a in Genoa with Luciano’s mom, we paid a visit to some relatives and we went to Genoa Aquarium.

Chloe's looks

A fairytale dress for Xmas

Here we are with SARABANDA‘s date for a xmas look! A beautiful red fairytale dress completed with the white coat that u have already seen in the previous post, I think this coat fits very well this xmas’s loo